Make sure you have some great pics. Club promoters in Asia want a face they can display on billboards, posters, social media banners, ads, and other places where they do marketing. Your high res...(more)

As I understand the only way an American, or any foreigner for that matter can enter Taiwan now as of November 23, 2020, is if they’re hired from abroad and sent a work permit. Then they...(more)

Mostly in their values related to family. The family approval and make or break the relationship. But that’s mostly with the more traditional Asian girls here in Taiwan.

To live in Taiwan during Covid is to live in the only country in the world that never went into lock down and where life goes on as usual.

Life in Taiwan during Covid is...(more)

The way my buddy Pieter did it was just by applying to jobs on Use keywords like "full stack engineer", "back end engineer" or whatever coding language you're proficient in. Many larger...(more)

There are dozens of great websites for job seekers looking to teach English abroad. Asia is probably your best bet. The demand for English is incredible and you'll have dozens of countries to...(more)

Taiwanese people are pretty open minded. Every sane parent here wants their son or daughter to be happy. So just make your partner happy and things should work out!

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