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That depends on what you care about. If it's the salary I have all the info you need. What is the average English teacher salary in different countries? How much is the salary worth in that country (i.e. cost of living)? What does an example budget look like? If you've already decided on a...(more)

You usually need to be anative English speaker and to have university degree to teach English in Taiwan or in China. You need those qualifications to get a work visa. Individual schools can also prefer or require teachers to be TEFL certified.

However, there are some...(more)


What's the best way to get around Taipei?

I'm traveling there next month and wondering if I need to rent a car.

What is kawaii? If you're familiar with Japanese culture then there's no doubt that you've heard of the term kawaii. It makes many people think of pastel colors, Hello Kitty, frilly dresses, anime and of course Japan! The word kawaii is derived from a phrase...(more)