Expat Life

Many expats in Taipei live in Tienmu, the foreigner enclave of Taipei located in the north part of the city. This is a relaxing and quiet area with lots of western restaurants, international schools, and a more relaxed vibe than downtown. That being said, to travel or live in Taipei looking for a...(more)

Unless you are independently wealthy, getting a job is the key to your new life abroad. A full time job means you’ll be legally employed, receiving all the benefits of local workers in the foreign country, and ready to start establishing yourself. As an expat, your stability in a...(more)

Bangkok in a general sense is a "work centric city" in my own opinion. I particularly enjoy living here for the access to opportunities it presents as a student. I seem to always meet interesting people that open new doors to life constantly -in large ways. I find BKK takes a serious side of the...(more)