Teaching English

The tired cliche of “It’s whatever you make of it” stands true for english teachers abroad. Some teachers relish the relaxing lifestyle of living on a tropical southeast asian island, chilling on beaches drinking banana shakes and teaching English three to four hours a day...(more)

Of course you can, but that all depends on how much you make and how much you spend. Currently I make NT600 an hour. 3 month contracts on all classes and one on ones. I get a NT50 raise after every 3 months.I only made NT14,000 my first month back and it had me worried.


The last time I went to visit my cousin in New York City, I asked him if he’d saved any money after his first year working as an engineer. “Nope” was his reply. In fact, he’s had to get into credit card debt to afford a very basic lifestyle. I didn’t have...(more)