Instant Guide To Taiwan

Top 10 questions asked about Taiwan

For North America and Eurozone countries, a 90-day visa on arrival is given right when you get off the airplane.

Beyond that, to work in Taiwan you will need an "Alien Resident Card" or ARC...(more)

For the most part, Taiwanese people in the bigger cities have studied English since grade school. They can be a bit shy to use it though, so you'll likely need to open your mouth first. But they...(more)

I've found the best way to meet local people in Taiwan is to smile and chat with them, everywhere you go. Most Taiwanese people have been studying English since grade school and can chat about most...(more)

In the big cities, there are clean and fast subway systems that take you down all the main arteries. Taipei has an excellent metro (MRT) and that means you'll never need to rent a car or take many...(more)

Living and working in Taiwan has been a treat. I've been here for almost ten years and Taiwan is ranked one of the top, if not THE top destination for expats. Taiwan is clean and organized, it's...(more)

This was one of the hardest things to do in Taipei, while much easier in the south of Taiwan, due to simple supply and demand economics. When I lived in Taichung and Kaohsiung, renting an apartment...(more)

The majority of Taiwan's expat community consists of English teachers here feeding the demand to learn English from native speakers. They are a tight-knit group who support eachother through...(more)

Taiwan is a surprisingly affordable place for expats. Lets take a look at the numbers from(more)

Unlike many expats, it wasn't love at first site with Taiwan when I arrived in 2010 as a full time Mandarin language student. I'd been living in Shanghai, so arriving in Taiwan came with me plenty...(more)